introducing yourself in English

exercises and solutions about the correct way of introducing yourself in English:


There is no second chance for a first impression. If you're off to a bad start in this respect, later on it will be very hard to get back into your good graces.
Therefore, it makes sense to wise up on the ususal expressions in a foreign language useful in this context.
Typical phrases English-speakers use to introduce themselves to each other, are the following:
Nice to meet you, good to meet you, pleased to meet you, how do you do etc…
To practice and to have a good command of them makes sense as, when speaking in a foreign language, you will be nervous at the beginning of a conversation.
If you don't practice relevant expressions, it might happen, that you remain speechless, when push comes to shove.

sich vorstellen auf Englisch

a first impression goes a long way, internationally-adept with idiomatic English