prepositions - explanations

Prepositions are a big problem in all languages and mean a major difficulty for learners.
You will find a short overview of the most important prepositions as follows:

prepostitions of place

at and on are used as follows:

institutions:directly next to / or in front of
eventsadresses:on a surface:
at school
at the doctor's
at the supermarket
at the door
at the window
at the computer
at the concert
at the meeting
at the party
at home
at 10 Downing Street
at John's
on the wall
on the beach
on the 2nd floot

!beware with the following expressions:

at places
go to school
go to the movies
to to bed
in the country
in the photo/picture
in the world
in the sky (am Himmel)
in Munich
in Germany
in Castle Street

prepositions of time


(time of day, periods of time several days)
(weekdays, date, special days)
(Months, a timespan, seasons, time of the day)
at 8 o'clock
at 10.40
at midnight
at Chritsmas
at the weekend
at night
on Monday, Tuesday....
on 25 April, 5 Febuary
on Easter Monday
on Tuesday afternoon
in April, May, June...
in 1885, 1984...
in summer, spring
in the afternoon

prepositions of direction

präositionen der Richtung

to schoolfrom Russia with loveinto the woodsout of nowhere
out of Rosenheim
onto the platform
onto trucks
off the chairup the stairs
down the stairs
over the townover the fencethrough the park
round the bendalong the roadacross the streetunder the bridge

prepositions exercises