past progressive - explanations

past progressive - the continous form of the past

The past progressive is the continous form of the past and is used when an action is done in the past over an undefined period of time.

Often times people express themselves in the past progressive if an action is spread over an undefined period of time and nothing noteworthy happens:

for example:

I was playing basketball yesterday. = Meaning: while I was playing basketball nothing special happened.



I/we/you/theywere playing
he/she/itwas playing

The progressive form of the past uses the suffix -ing. Apart from that the same rules apply as in the present progressive.


I/you/we/theyweren't playing
were not
he/she/itwasn't playing
was not

The negation simply adds not to the auxiliaries was and were, the short forms are accordingly wasn't and weren't.



The question puts the auxiliary to the front of the sentence. (inversion)

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