Relativsatz who, which, whom, whose

Relativpronomen / who/which/whose/whom

Relativpronomen im Nominativ, Genitiv, Dativ

The song is number one…
Die richtige Lösung ist: The song which ist number one….  

✍️ Fülle die richtigen Relativpronomen in die Lücke (who für Personen, which für Dinge, whose für den Genitiv(dessen), whom für den Dativ(dem):

We have a car door is broken. To did you speak about the problem? The man wrote the novel is very famous. My cat is the only thing makes me happy🐱. I like to call her the girl knows what’s going on. I love people ideas are original. This is the thing was missing. To did you give the report? She said: I want a man nose is small. Honduras is the country is the most beautiful.