individueller Englischkurs von Muttersprachler USA

Einfache Form (simple present) - Verlaufsform (present progressive) Gegenüberstellung

Mit dem simple present (einfache Gegenwart) bringen wir zum Ausdruck, dass jemand etwas immer (always, every day/week/month), meistens (normally, usually), oft (often), manchmal (sometimes), oder nie(never) tut.

Mit der einfachen Gegenwart (simple present) beziehen wir uns auf Handlungen, die regelmäßig geschehen, bzw. Angewohnheiten. (typische Signalwörter: often, sometimes, never, usually, always)

Zum Beispiel:

I always play football in Sunday.
Peter never drinks.
We hate to get up in the morning.
I often read books.

Mit der Verlaufsform der Gegenwart (present progressive) drücken wir aus, was gerade im Moment, oder vorübergehend abläuft. Typische Signalwörter (just, now, at the moment, today, this week/month/year).

Zum Beispiel:

I am just drinking beer.
He is watching football.
It is raining a lot this year.
What are you doing at the moment?


1 Welche Option ist richtig? (entweder simple present oder present progressive)

a.) We often_______beer. b.) How many people________now? c.) I _________ TV now.

         drink                               are  waiting                                am watching
         are drinking                     wait                                           watch

d.) __________ at the moment? e.) It__________ a lot this year. d.) I _________ work?

Does it snow                                 is raining                             am not often going to
Is it snowing                                  rains                                   don't often go

Lösungen: a) drink, b) are waiting, c) am watching, d) is it snowing, e) rains , d.) don't often do

2.) Ergänzen Sie die richtige Form: (einfache Form oder Verlaufsform)

1. Tony and Sally normally ___________ to school. (walk)
2. But today, they ______________the bus. (take)
3. Tony often________ school, (miss), because he_________ it (not like).
4. Today Tony __________ (go by bus), because he_______(want) to be on time.
5. At the moment he ________( study).

Lösungen: 1 walk, 2 are taking, 3 misses; doesn't like,4 is going; wants, 5 is studying

3.) Stellen Sie die Fragen in der richtigen Form (present simple bzw. present progressive):

a.) _________ (John/work) this afternoon?
b.) _________(he/drink) beer every day?
c.) How often _______(you/do) sports?
d.) What_______(you/do) at the moment?                   Jimmy never plays baseball,
e.) What_______(he/do) for a living?                            but today he is playing.
f.) My boss normally_______ (work) in Munich,                                                           but this week he________(work) in Rosenheim.

a) is John working, b) is he drinking, c) doyou do, d) are you doing, e) does he do f) works, is working